About the Lab

Computational Journalism Laboratory (CJLab) is a research facility in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park. It was established in the August of 2019 by Dr. Naeemul Hassan.

The goal of this lab is to advance the field of computational journalism by exploring interdisciplinary problems at the intersection of computation, information science, and journalism and thereby address issues with big societal impact. Some of the active research focus of this lab are-

  • Automated Fact-checking
  • Misleading information Detection
  • Health Misinformation
  • Social Media Sensing

This lab collaborates with other entities of the university such as Horowitz Center for Health Literacy, Human-Computer Interaction Lab and with other universities such as University of Toronto, University of Texas at Arlington, Utah State University, York University, and Rochester Institute of Technology, etc.